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Hi all! Seeing this page is to tell those visiting alittle about who's warped mind is behind this gallery, I thought I would share some info about moi!

Only started collecting in early 2005, my main focus is on the Dragon Ball/Dragonball Z series (if you can't already tell) and my wishlist reflects the type of cels I would like to collect. I live in the land down under (Australia) and this year (2006) is my second year in my University degree of becoming a primary teacher - I'm a glutton for punishment! LOL!

Collecting animation cels came about after coming across the rubberslug website (mainly) when doing internet searches for DBZ piccys, before then I was pretty naive about what cels are! I went straight to my online buying hub - Ebay - to see what types of cels there where for sale. I did a bit of bidding and winning, then next thing I knew I was bitten by the addiction bug! I try to really collect scenes and/or characters that I like, not because something is popular or 'gotta have because... blah' Thus I will never own a SS3 Goku/SS4 Goku/SS4 Vegeta/GT cels (with the exception of Vegeta in leather!)/baddies etc - that is just me though and my peculiar taste!

My other great hobby that I love is collecting china horses, mainly Beswick brand horses. Haha! I say 'horses' but I have foals in my collection due to the price of the larger pieces! Both hobbies I have are rather expensive to upkeep, I have been away from collecting horses for a few months to support my cel collecting... BUUUT I'm noticing foals aren't going tooo expensive, so I may have to try to bid on some!

I thought I would add a piccy of me, cos it is nice to see a picture of the person your talking to, online chatting can be rather inpersonal when your looking at your computer screen. I also added a piccy of when I was actually dressed up a little - this is from my sister's graduation from University. I normally am a dag heheh ^_^

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