G'day! Thanks for dropping by! Devoted to the Dragonball/Z series, with a few fun cels as well from series I know very little about!

Majority of cels are of Gohan - my ultimate goal is to collect a cel of him at every age and in every outfit! I hope to collect more Dragonball characters as time passes, would love to add a non Super Saiyan Mirai Trunks someday. Kick back and enjoy! ^_^

Most of what you see here comes from Ebay, if there are any questions about who I purchased what from, just send a message through the feedback link or contact me and I will be happy to tell you. Also if anyone has any cels to part with, please place me on your mailing list or send me an email at - vaurin17@yahoo.com.au - as I am interested to increase my collection! Many thanks!

News & Updates

3/6/2007Okay updated awhile back and now waiting for a couple of others to arrive... probably in the next couple of weeks! >_<
11/16/2005Gohan, Gohan, Gohan... I feel that I am obsessed! New Gohan additons are coming soon, some sketches and... (dramatic pause) a cel of Gohan and Icarus!!! I am still squealing over my unbelievable luck of this purchase! ^_^ Have new PS2 game, hence the reason for delay in updating, to be continued....
11/3/2005Ok, have purchased new cels from ebay, not of Dragonball (shock horror!) and not from a series I know of. It was because they look nice, 2 from Cutie Honey, an unknown chick AND 2 sketches of chibi Gohan to come too ^_^ Will be having an update of bonus cels I have received and pudge's backgrounds next week - have exams in the meantime. I am looking forward to updating and holidays! Yay!
10/7/2005vaurin17's small dbz shrine now open.

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