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last modified: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 (8:13:16 AM CST)
Alrightly, long time been nowhere and I feel the urge to express myself.

Transformers new movie – much better and mind-blowing than I ever thought and the robots were so real, they look alive and really love that about this movie. Gotta say I enjoyed the plot line better than the animated movie from 20 years ago... tis true. I grew up with Transformers, watched the series as a kid and the animated movie was one of my favourites, but it wasn't until recently when I saw the animated movie again that I realised how many awesome Autobots died in the movie. Yes, I was rather vague as a child (still am) and those details never hit home with me until now... <_<

For those who haven't seen the animated movie I won't say who dies, but all I'll say is 'what the..?' How could they kill off, in my opinion, some of the best characters so early in the movie? I am watching the original series at the moment in drips and drabs and not sure whether the series will hold my interest once series 3 begins – as these are the events after the movie has taken place. I honestly thought the animated movie was a once off and didn't tie into the series directly, much like many of the DBZ movies, okay not counting Dead Zone.

I have been thinking too of when the new Transformers movie was made, (yes, my mind changes often and in other directions) why the studio didn't get Peter Cullen (THE voice of Optimus Prime from the cartoon and movie) to do the voice for Ironhide as well? The studio spent something like 40 million on making the robots and GM sponsored 3 million for having their cars featured, so why not spend abit extra and get Ironhide to be voiced how he originally was? Seeing as the studio already have the voice actor for Optimus on board… wouldn’t it be simpler to have Peter do more recording (which I have read the voice actors have spent extra studio time for additional material for the dvd release - this coming from Mark Ryan who did Bumblebee, shame he didn't have more lines but he did make cute sounds) for Ironhide than pay an additional person to do him? Or perhaps they wanted a more gruff/tough image for Ironhide and thought Peter’s voice wouldn’t suit, I don’t know but I think it’s sad. But holy hand grenades! I watched a short interview of Peter Cullen talking about his role in the new game and it is so cool to see Optimus’ voice coming out of a older gentlemen and of course he said ‘Autobots, transform and roll out’ hehe.


Okay, I guess I’m whinging about Ironhide, but I do have a soft spot for him (especially the cartoon version of him..?) even though I love Bumblebee and must say he is awesome as a Camaro... couldn’t really imagine a bug going against Barricade hehe.. but I think the Camaro suits; I know it was just a way to get publicity for the new Camaro release but eh, still love Bumblebee… and I do fancy one of those new Camaros <-- publicity doesn’t work on me :-p

I must say I have really gotten into the whole Transformer hype and have bought a copy of the prequel from ebay – just paid for it so I expect it in around 14 days (overseas shipping to Australia from US), apparently the prequel explains how Bumblebee lost his voice and that there was some big fight between him and Megatron? I don’t really know, just going on what I have read online, but I am looking forward to it.

For now, I am content to watch me series, reminisce the movie through watching the trailers and waiting for the dvd release to come out – there better be a special edition dvd *shakes fist* Have heard that it should be out around Chrissy time here for us and then a new wave of merchandising with ensure. BTW in regards to the series, in the 2nd series there’s an episode called ‘Auto bop’ and it’s officially one of my top fave episodes – main characters are Tracks and Blaster who investigate a series of hypnotised humans doing strange things...
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Do I have a stalker???
last modified: Friday, March 16, 2007 (5:59:22 AM CST)
Alrighty, I had a friend - thought the world of her, did the best I could to be a good friend to her and I got shafted by her...

BUT this former friend introduced me to her Tae Kwon Do club (WTF), I loved it and became a member. After just over 12 months of training I'm nearly half way to my black belt (Blue One) but I can't face training in the same hall with my former friend as she has hurt me so much (plus she think she's all that and then some as she is a probationary black belt) and I have felt my training sessions aren't as good when she's around compared to when she isn't around.

So in my club there are 10 other places I can train at, so I won't have to meet up with her - but what do I find??? I am finding whatever venue I turn up at to train, she is there - even on the days she is suppose to be working, so I don't get it. She always had a set schedule of were she would train at, thus an easy prediction method of where she would be and I wouldn't be; now she is totally random, no pattern to predict from, she is training all over the place.

So this has got me thinking: could she just be changing her training places/days just to see where I'm going? I know she is a very possessive, childish person and thinks she has exclusive rights over 'her' club and with her knowing I don't want to train with her, she is showing up at my alternate venues - this is forcing my hand to travel further afield to train away from her and I'm sick of it. I feel like she is stalking me, I know I'm adorable and when we were friends she was always attached to my hip, but enough is enough!

I've spoken to my instructor about it and he said he would talk to her - haven't heard of the results yet! I do know that he was meant to talk to her after tonight's (Friday) training session and now on messenger her name has been changed to 'Jay-urge to kill rising' so me thinks Steve (my instructor) has said something...

Steve doesn't want me to leave the club, he thinks I'm doing really well and he has great aspirations for me. So this situation can be sorted out with the 3 of us talking it over and sorting out a training routine or me having it out with her - either way I want it sorted as I've been feeling the urge to kill way before she could even imagine it.

The last straw for me with this girl occurred in February when she accused me of sending her an anonymous Valentine's card when we hadn't been friends in a good six months or more. More like the case, she wishes I sent her a Valentines lol!

Anyways, thanks for reading as always!

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Updating banners - feedback appreciated!
last modified: Sunday, February 11, 2007 (5:07:35 AM CST)
Hi all!

Well the last few days I have been thinking of re-doing my banner on my gallery home page. So today I sat down and done one up (well actually two..) and uploaded the new one on my gallery and I wanted to get some feedback please on what you guys think of it.

So to re-cap the following link is a screencap of what my gallery homepage looked originally:


Now here is another banner I made up earlier but thought it wasn't as good as the one currently uploaded:


So now that you totally bombarded with different pictures; what do you think? Is the banner I've got now better than the original? Or should I go with the second choice with the two Gohans? Or is the original one better???

Personally I like the new banner I have placed in my gallery, but I just wanted to find out what other people thought of it. If you have the time, feedback would be great - please no flaming, I only have Paint to work with when making banners!! Thanks for reading and any of your comments.

~ Shay
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Countdown is nearly over!
last modified: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 (10:13:25 PM CST)
Hi again all!

I know it has been awhile since my last update, I have been rather busy studying for my University course and my other extra curricular activities I get up to!

Good news is I have received a new cel today in the mail (Hurray!) that I am very thankful didn't get totally ruined, as the package arrived wet. The cardboard was a floppy mess and my country's (Australia) mailing service wrapped the package in a plastic bag to protect from further damage, with a note saying it was received into the country this way!

Luckily the cel and sketch were inside a plastic sleeve that protected them from water damage, but I nearly had a fit when the package arrived! I opened it up straight away and laid both cel and sketch in a dark, dry place to air... when I put them up in the gallery you can see for yourselves they are okay.

Anyways! What I am also excited about is that two cels that have been on hold for a few months now are nearly due out, I only owe like $50 on them so I am really hoping to have these out in the next couple of weeks (my car registration is due next week, hence my hand in my pocket already) - so the countdown to them arriving is almost here! Weee!

Two other cel additions are on their way too, nothing too flash but I like them anyways! I have been so outta the collecting loop in ages, not that I haven't been looking... just not buying :-(

Thanks for dropping by! Catch you all next time!
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Anyone want to play?
last modified: Friday, May 26, 2006 (5:34:51 AM CST)
Hi all!

This is a call to anyone interested in online gaming. My awesome friend is admin and owner of the site and is looking for willing peoples to join the game. The game is a fantasy role-playing game, where you can chose to become one of three races and interact with the other characters in the story. We search for items, have battles, get into funny antics and generally have heaps of fun - I have joined the site for a couple of months now (though I have been reading it for ages) and it is awesome fun. The Admin and moderators of the site are all Aussie gals and are really approachable and easy-going to deal with. The site is:


You don't need to be a good writer to join, just register and meet the characters in the story, or we will find you! ^_^ I will admit, I am not a good writer and was apprehensive at first to join because of my writing skills (or lack of them!), but getting into the storyline is great and I'm having lots of fun. There are other sections to keep busy with too, such as games, general discussions, random madness, polls - heaps to do apart from the story!

It is nice to get new people to the site and the story and I just thought someone here might be interested in joining. If I offended anyone with the plug I apologise, please no flaming, but my friend is worth this risk! Thankyou for reading!
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Gay? So what?
last modified: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 (4:54:39 AM CST)
Ok, I'm a simple gal with a bad history with guys - every guy I dated treated me like crap, last partner and father to my children, left me when my son was 13 months old and with my unborn daughter (my son is now 5 and my daughter is now 3) and haven't dated since then... or really had anything to do with guys since then, so it's been awhile since I had contact with men. Well I really only know 2 guys who are both gay and they are wonderful fellas.

Now at University, I have a wonderful friend (who we will call Miss B) who I have know about a year and we get on so great together. A few months ago she introduced me to her group of friends. They are all wonderful too and very welcoming to me and I felt happy to find an excellent bunch of people....

My friend and I have a great friendship - we see each other nearly everyday, we tell each other we love the other, do Tae Kwon Do together, always have a ball everytime we're together and miss one another when we don't see each other... Now over the last few weeks, small comments have been made to me that have got me thinking. Friends in the group have suggested that I maybe gay due to my closeness to Miss B and when I saw them on Friday night (3 nights ago), I could sense something wasn't quite right as they weren't overly friendly or talkative as before - even though they didn't say anything directly to me. What struck my thinking, was when I told my friends that I had a weird dream and in it I had a wife and one of the friends (Miss L) said 'Oh was your wife Miss B?' When I said 'I don't know' awkward silence followed.

I fail to mention that my friends have RPG websites where they don to be different characters and interact within a storyline with other people. On Miss L's site she was being harassed by guys wanting to date her for real, so Miss B became the 'husband' of Miss L to ward off unsavoury attention. So we have carried that joke into real life and it has developed that I am the one TRYING to break their relationship up and take Miss B as my own, therefore Miss L and I are fighting over Miss B.

Miss L has been out of the country touring and when we saw her on Friday night, Miss B said to her that while Miss L was away she was lonely and was driven into the arms of another woman - me, all in good humour but peoples are beginning to think I'm taking it seriously and feels like they are treating me differently than before.

So my wonderings are who cares what my sexual preferences are to these people who claim to be my friends? Shouldn't the only thing matter is that I'm a good person and friend? I have been very good to Miss B (who I am closest to) and have never spoken a bad word about any of these people. I haven't tried to put moves on any of my friends and just because I am not interested in men or really feel attracted to men that on this basis it seems enough to make me gay.

Sorry to ramble guys and if your still reading this I commend you! I will admit that Miss B is a super awesome person and even though she is younger than me, I really feel in awe of her - she is really special, I have NEVER felt this close to another female and yes, I do admit freely that I do love her. So now with my friends subtle hints about my sexual preferences, I am becoming suspicious of myself - are they seeing something in me that I'm not recognising in myself? Is there evidence in my friendship with Miss B to make people question if there is something 'more' to it? I don't know, what I do know is that I don't want to lose my friendship with Miss B. Even with the suspicion, Miss B hasn't treated me any differently, she still glomps me, tells me I'm loved, leans on me, wrestle (for training, I'm just beginning TKD, she is nearly a black belt), comes shopping etc, etc....

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, it would be nice to get an outsiders point of view of the situation - if you've read this far that is! ^_^

Thanks for reading!
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Happy Birthday to me! ^_^
last modified: Thursday, February 16, 2006 (10:25:11 PM CST)
Wow! Second blog in a week, but this time it I'm using it for a happy purpose... my birthday!! Weee! I'm another year older, but that doesn't faze me - next year is the BIG event!

My sister brought over a cake, cream and all! Nothing much really planned, due to having no car as it is in for repairs... : (

Cute little pressie from my sissy (besides the cake!) being a small green frog with green crystals as his eyes - he is so cute, I love Green Tree frogs, one of my goals is to set up a pond for frogs when I actually get to buy a place and as mentioned in an earlier blog, mum gave me the deposit for 2 cels of Trunks, Krillin and Gohan for my birthday!

Anywho, have a quiet moment to myself and thought I would spend some of that time here (I do love this place, so much to see and do!) and share my joyous news! I have met and spoken to many great people on here, who are so awesome *hugs* this would have to be one of the most welcoming and friendliest sites around. Hope to talk to many more people during my time here and I want to wish everyone a fab day. ^_^

Thanks for reading and catch ya next time!
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Months of work.... gone!
last modified: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 (6:03:05 PM CST)
Ok haven't blogged in awhile and now I am and its only to have a cry! I just found out that my beloved Final Fantasy game has been overwritten mistakenly by my son.... oh the humanity!

This was FF8, I was up to the 3rd disk (out of 4) all my characters and GFs levels were mega high and I had the SEED rank of A - I don't know any cheats for the game, so this was achieved the good ole fashion way - fighting beasties (though I have the answers for the SEED test! ^_^) Guess its back to the old drawing board to start again... won't have any time now to look at it until end of November when I'm on holidays again as Uni starts again next week *sigh*

Anyways, thought I would do some venting here - I guess it was for the best, I get to experience the game anew at the end of the year - get to relive the excitement!

On another note and it is really good this is happening - is that I haven't seen much in the way of cels for sale... there are some alright ones... but nothing that says 'YES! I'm awesome, take me!!' I say this with the exception of 2 cels, which I have on a payment plan for my birthday! I think I was very lucky to get these, one is of Gohan from Namek saga (which I have been looking at since I started collecting) and the other is of Mirai Trunks and Krillin - I am hoping to pay them off quickly, I so want them!

I'm saying for sale too, this doesn't include some I have seen for offers here on rubberslug, which I would give my teeth for.. not in position to make offers this time (will be in a few weeks bruuhhaaha) and I wouldn't know what to offer in the 1st place. I have only made an offer once for Gohan in his gym clothes and I think his seller was being very generous to me! ~_^

Anyway, the day is still young so I better go and enjoy it!
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I am digressing from Dragonball!
last modified: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 (7:40:42 AM CST)
Since finishing the last of the Dragonball Z series I have found myself turning to other anime sources recently. Over the past 6 weeks SBS (TV station here) have been running Studio Ghibli releases due to the fact that Howl's Moving Castle has been released here at the movies. But totally sucky Howl's is only been running in Sydney and Brisbane and doesn't look like it is coming to Newcastle, unless they will show it during the school holidays (doubt it!), which starts beginning of December here. I can really feel a pout coming on, wanted to see it with my friends... all of one LOL! *joke*
Anywho, SBS is great to watch as they play no ads during a show, awesome and I finally got to see Spirited Away!! It was a really touching story and I know he is meant to be a kid, but Haku is so dreamy... I realised that myself and some of my friends found the movie familiar, anyone else feel this way?
SBS is also showing Ghost in the Shell (stand alone complex) on Thursday nights, which I am soo getting into, it is the first violent anime I have seen and I am loving it! Even though I am a chick, I love the Major, she is so cool.
I have started reading the manga of Naruto and holy crap I can't believe what Naruto finds out about himself when Mizuki starts telling him the truth!! I was dumbfounded (call me naive... but what the??) to say the least, have one more assignment due and two exams to finish next week and I am catching up with more Naruto.. can't wait! ^_^
I have squealed long enough, even though I could squeal more BUT I will save that for another day! Heheh! ^_^
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Intro! (And goin off about DBZ)
last modified: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 (9:10:51 AM CST)
Hi! If you have managed to stumble your way here, the least I can do is put something here for you to read. No refunds if you feel it is a waste of your time! ^_^

In case you haven't realised, I love my Saiyan boys and the Dragonball Z series. I have only watched the first 3 series of Dragon Ball (chibi Goku is adorable!), all of the Z series (didn't the ending suck? Though I would like to watch the latter series to become more familiar with it) none of the GT series - what I have read and seen on the web has kinda put me off from watching it AND I can talk about the Z series like nothin else.... I kinda think I need to get a life... but my Saiyans are the only men in my life, particularly Gohan and I don't hear him complaining hehe! ^_^

I am not out to impress, just share my love for the show (and the boys) and learn something new along the way. I am only very new to collecting - the fancel of Gohan was my first purchase ever - and hope to add some awesome additions along the way, as we all hope to do!

Anywho it is late here in the land down under, so I better go to dreamy land as I have to get up early for Uni. Catch you all later and drop me a line sometime if your brave! ^_^

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