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Ok, this really is a wishlist as you can see, but can't blame a girl for wishing. This list is NOT complete, still dribbling over which screenshots from all the DB/Z series to grab for here....

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
DBZ backgrounds!!! I have added this piccy from the shared backgrounds section, just so you know what it looks like. This is of the Supreme Kai's planet and I would really love an original! ^_^ Will Give Kidney
Second DBZ background, this one is from Namek - will have to look around Gohan to see it - can't find a scene without someone in it! Gohan, is of course an optional extra and would never be refused if the background came with him ~_^ Will Give Kidney
To have a background of Kami's Lookout.. can be of any angle - from the sky, at ground level or even if it is of Mr Popo's garden, don't really mind... Will Give Kidney
Any sort of landscape or sky backgrounds are really wanted. Any features such as water, mountains and detail with flowers, clouds and trees are highly appealing. Also have beautiful colours or interesting colour scheme! Very High
This is another example of what I would like - can also use what I already own in my gallery as a reference too! ^_^ Very High
Dragon Ball
A collection cannot be completed without a chibi Goku cel. I would prefer an original Dragon Ball chibi Goku, not GT chibi Goku. Would love one, will get one.. one day. A cel of a naked Goku with his tail would be even cutier! - WISH GRANTED!! ^_^ Very High
Ok, I haven't a cel of any of the females from the series, but I saw this one of Bulma on YJ - also couldn't bid on this on at the time as I was bidding on something else that I saw earlier.. anyways I would like to add an early version of her like this one, one day! Low
Dragonball z
This image is from the movie 'Return of Cooler' movie number 6. I would love to have an image from this sequence, when Gohan punches the 'cyclopian guard' when they arrive on New Namek. *sigh* Will Give Kidney
While I am dreaming away here, I thought I would add the Trunks cels I would love... even though I doubt I will get my mits on these. This one is from the first Broly movie... self-explanatory really ~_^ Will Give Kidney
Another cool one from the first time we see Trunks as he is powering up against Frieza. Love how this is just on the turn of him going super saiyan, especially his eyes, really awesome! Very High
Another Trunks, this shot is from the Bojack movie (#9) but any nice shot of Trunks with long hair, SS or non SS is ok by me! Very High
As I am still dreaming here, a cel of Trunks when he is confronting Frieza during his first appearance... likely chance of getting one? Probably none, but thought I would add anyway - this IS a wishlist! Very High
As I'm on a roll, I thought I would add a very cool action shot of Trunks, I love how his hair takes on the movement - any sort of cel like this one. Very High
Father and son is another ultimate wishlist cel. Two bad boys Saiyans.. every gals dream! ^_^ Very High
Goku and Gohan, another cel I would love. Don't mind at what age Gohan is, what either are wearing or if both are SS or not. Just would like a cel with both father and son. Very High
Goku and Vegeta, don't care from which series or movies, just would like a cel with both. Very High
Goku in his Saiyan armor, doesn't matter which episode. Would prefer a non Super Saiyan cel but if a chance arose to get one of him as a Super Saiyan it won't be passed up! ^_^ Very High
Goku in his Yardrat clothing, he is rather adorable! Very High
Goku on the verge of turning Super Saiyan and like Gohan, green eyes and black hair - the Saiyan boys look so cool when they do this, unfortunately it doesn't happen that often. Very High
Goku with his shirt off - one similar to this one. Either Super Saiyan or non Super Saiyan and from any series or movies don't mind, but the image must be clearly visible Very High
Mirai Gohan and Mirai Trunks, thought I would use a picture with both of them in it to save filling out another entry. Any cel of either characters, don't have to be in the same cel and can be from the movie or the series, I don't really mind... though a cel of both of them in it together would be awesome! Very High
Mirai Trunks and chibi Gohan - a cel with both of my fav characters. Very High
Now Gohan's turn, anything with him in this outfit - with or without the sword - I just love him in this outfit, the clothing colour combination with his dark hair are very appealing! ~_^ Very High
OMG! A cel of Gohan when he was a baby!! That chubby little body and no neck reminds me of my daughter when she was a babe! ^_^ Very High
One of Gohan as a chibi in this outfit, would prefer to have him wearing his hat as well, ain't he cute! ^_^ Very High
One of Gohan as the Great Saiyaman! A cel with Gohan wearing either his helmet or scarf and glasses, I don't mind of which. Series 4 is my faviourite series due to Gohan being so entertaining to watch! I love how he poses. ~_^ Very High
One of Gohan battered and gi torn from the second Broly movie (or from where ever!) a cel like this one really takes my fancy! ~_^ Very High
One of Gohan in his Saiyan armor (want a cel of all the Saiyan boys in their armor) Would really like this one, but it doesn't matter to me if I get one of Gohan as a Super Saiyan or non-SS - love him any way he comes! ^_^ Very High
One with Gohan powering up and on the verge of turning Super Saiyan - green eyes and black hair. Very High
Only because he is so very cute as a chibi and because its Vegeta Very High
Vegeta when he is in the gravity training room - no shirt and those tight little shorts, ye can't say no! ~_^ Very High
Goku... particularly when he is in Super Saiyan form confronting the Supreme Kai and Majin Vegeta on the World Tournament arena, when Babidi transported the gang there to fight, then also on the plains area before the fight with Majin Vegeta, episode 214, Vegeta's Pride... and I found a pic! Yay! High
I saw this one of Gohan on YJ awhile back but wasn't able to bid on him and I regret it. Would love this one of him, the changing colours in his hair really stood out to me. High
I would like to get a cel of the Supreme Kai before he fuses with Kabito. That mohawk of his is cute even if his is a bit of a pessimist. High

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